Laughter is the greatest stuff

It was great tonight to sit around and talk and laugh with friends.  Some weeks there is just a lot of difficult stuff making up life.  Funerals.  Cold – crazy cold weather.  Colds and flu.  Money being tight.  Laughter and good friends make it all easier to take. 

And you know what?  The same problems are there.  But something happens while you sit around laughing.  Old funny stories and experiences come out from the depths of our memories.  Cold weather that kills cars and makes men wear “men’s tights” and women wear long underwear loses it’s edge – at least till we all have to leave the warmth of the restaurant and go to our cars. 

In fact, I think laughter is probably as essential part of winter survival gear.  That and a decaf moka.

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  1. I agree…here’s to laughter!