Today – last day of vacation

Today was full of many events; unrelated except that I was somehow involved in all of them.

Sunday, of course means worship practice, then service, then coffee.  The kids usually try to talk us into going out to eat somewhere.  They tried again today but we, holding the purse, outvoted them.  You would think I couldn’t cook or something.  Maybe they are right but I thought that salmon baked in a lemon dill sauce with scalloped potatoes and rice for the potato haters was adequate.

Patrick has returned to Saskatoon – went down on the bus today.  He is looking forward to getting back to classes after almost four months in the Congo visiting his parents.  We sat around after lunch before he left discussing ways to get a better understanding of what one is reading in the Bible.  I will miss these discussions with him. 

Then went up to the hospital again.  Dad was fairly confused this afternoon.  Much of what he said made little sense.  It is funny how the sentences are fine.  He is not talking gibberish.  Just whatever story he is telling is like a phrase pulled from a book that none of the rest of us are reading.  And he throws it out into the conversation for no rhyme or reason.  Another friend is in the hospital again so I dropped by to see her too.  And I have a little patient – a newborn waiting for a feeding plate for a cleft lip and palate – we are all waiting for a lab to open somewhere tomorrow.

This weekend I also wrapped up a writing assignment.  I feel like it is done anyway.  And it is good to be done on time – honestly I am one of the world’s worst procrastinators.

Tomorrow life after the vacation begins in earnest.  A full week of work.  Wonder if I will survive?


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