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And a Happy New Year to All!

Go ahead and make your resolutions.  I usually have no success keeping them so have given up on New Years resolutions.  I will just try to tackle each day as it comes as best I can.  Less guilt that way.  And probably the same success rate.

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So the big question starts to be asked again

Where is God when the tsunami’s of the world occur?  One reporter asks.  Afraid the answers are not very satisfying if we are looking for a God that would always intervene to prevent disasters.  The reporter obviously struggles with the lack of satisfying answers.

I ask the same questions even though I know the “right” answers.  I hang on to the fact that I have experienced God’s presence and know him to be real.  Even caring.  Even omnipotent.  I hang on to these facts of my own experience even when I can’t understand with my intellect what God is doing.  If Jesus wept over Lazarus, how he must be weeping now.

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