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A fascinating evening

Last week some friends called and asked if we could come out for supper;  their daughter who is just finishing up a degree in international relations was at home and would love to meet Patrick and talk to him since he is going to be taking the same program.  We had not been out to their home for years.  And they have never been to ours – a condition which I need to remedy.  I just am not a big entertainer. 

It is funny how there are people, with whom one is an acquaintance, that are just easy to visit.  These folks live very simply in some respects.  He is a well known artist and she is one of my children’s teachers.  They have no TV that dominates their living room.  No cell phones.  He thinks he might be able to make it to retirement age without wearing a watch.  They live out on the old family homestead(her parents) in the old farmhouse.  Every spare inch of wall is covered in art work – upstairs and down.  Some of it is his, some is from other artists.  On the wall behind the dining room table is a large painting of Adam and Eve – not in your typical tropical garden but on the shores of a sandy beach of a northern lake. 

Conversation was easy around their table.  Even our children were at ease and joined in.  It ranged from school stuff – she is an English teacher – through the gamut of international affairs to how poorly Paul seems to have esteemed women. 

The evening ended with us going out to the studio to see a large painting of his which has just returned from touring Canada.  Miles is an artist who pays esteem attention to detail.  In his landscapes, one can distinguish the individual leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers in the field of canola and the pebbles on the beach.  The large painting that has been touring is a political satire  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Thus Passes the Glory of the World)  about 5′ by 7′.   In a deteriorating neo-gothic structure can be found the caricatures of all many recent world leaders; certainly most of our Canadian politicians.  As well there are people who have been an influence in his own life and in the Prince Albert art world.  It was fascinating looking at the painting with him and hearing him tell what the caricatures signified. 

So, in spite of being heavily medicated for my cold, the evening passed most pleasantly and quickly. 

Then Leo says, “We really should have them over.”  And I think yes but I don’t know if I am up to that kind of entertaining.  I would definitely have to spend a long time cleaning up the house.

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