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Vacation day two

It was my second day off before Christmas.  Spent some time shopping, some time baking and some time wrapping presents. 

Then I decided that since I am on vacation I should do something fun.  So I decided to pick Kieran up and take him with me for a couple of hours – just to get to know him better and stuff.  We would go visit my dad at the hospital and then I would take Kieran to my house for supper.  Kieran, by the way, is 17 months old.  Just old enough to walk and young enough not to want to walk when he can be carried.  And also, by the way, he has the greatest smile.  (Not that I’m biased)

So I waited till Kieran woke from his nap, picked his mom up from work, drove her home and picked him up. 

This weather is just about too cold to transfer a child seat from one car to the other but we did it. 

Then we went to the hospital to visit my dad.  Well Kieran’s smile is about enough to warm up anyone’s day.  We had a little visit.  Kieran ate an orange and toddled around dad’s room while we talked.  He sat in Great Grandpa’s lap for a few minutes but seemed a little nervous – just like sitting on Santa Claus’ lap – pretty scary.  He did like the walker – thought it was a neat toy I think.

Then we went home for spaghetti. 

Kieran has discovered the Christmas oranges – those sweet little Chinese or Japanese mandarins that are a must have at this time of the year.  He had already had one during our visit.  When he saw the box of oranges in the kitchen, he did not want anything else to eat. 

Then Grandpa Leo was asked to watch him for a minute while I did something – for a minute.  The next thing I knew there were howls of pain.  Kieran had decided to sit on the edge of the laundry basket and took a spill right into the corner of a coffee table.  Took a little chunk out of his head.  Blood streamed down his forehead and there was a lot of noise – don’t blame the little guy. 

My first outing with my grandson and he is injured.  How will I ever live that one down!  I wonder if they will let me borrow him again?

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