Why don't they ask???

It has been a busy week and so not a lot of blogging hs been done.  I’m just trying to keep up with myself, work, kids, family stuff. 

Lat night I thought I might make it to get a few things done and get to bed before 11pm. 

Daughter decides to bake muffins at about 10:15.  Ok, I say, if you clean up and run the dishwasher. 

I forgot – we were out of dishwasher soap.  She decides to use dish detergent. 

Bad Idea!!!!!!!

Hollers for mom.  Suds oozing out from the bottom of the dishwasher.  Suds in the sink coming out of the drain.  Bailing out the sudsy water.  Finally about 11:30 deciding to wait till the morning when hopefully the suds will have lost their fluff. 

Tired mom went off to bed.  Didn’t sleep well.  Got up early and dealt with the dishwasher. 

We’ll try again tonight – to get to bed early.  Oh yeah – meeting planned for 9:30 pm tonight.  Maybe a nap after supper.

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