Freudian slip!

We (the staff at my office – especially me) order baking every other week or so from Lauralea.  She makes cinnamon rolls and cookies to die for.  Today, she almost did.  Not quite but wow!! does she have a huge goose egg on her forehead!  Slipped on some water on the floor and hit her head against the wall in the entry.

Tonight we were at Bible study.  Actually we are reading Blue Like Jazz together. 

Everyone was concerned about her poor head.  Someone thought she should go and get it checked out at one of the minor emergency clinics.  Me, being the health care professional, said that it was not likely that serious.  She did not loose consciousness, etc, etc.  So I suggested that she should be OK if Randall didn’t have trouble arousing her during the night.

Honestly.  I said it in all innocence.  It was just medicalspeak. 

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  1. But we need to know. Don’t leave us all hanging in suspense. Did he or didn’t he?? šŸ˜‰

    Was she OK then?

  2. Well, as I reported on Toni’s blog, I was unable to arouse her last night…

    But she did wake up this morning!!


  3. Linea

    And that, I guess, is good news.