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Back to business

Today was business as usual.  No more lazy days in the sun.  It sure was fun while it lasted though.  And I really did get a tan – just a slightly darker shade of pale for me though.

We got home at about 2 am this morning.  Drove the last bit of the way in snowy rain.  What a change.

The last day at sea we experienced something that not many cruisers get to see.  The ship we were on did a rescue.  We came upon a sailboat that was drifting.  Apparently the pilot of the small boat, who was alone, had hurt himself had been drifting for three days and was without food, water and fuel.  Our cruise ship stopped, a tender boat was sent out to help and he received medical care, technical assistance and fuel, food and water.  Word was that he had broken his leg and with it splinted, he was able to continue.  I guess he didn’t want to lose his boat.  He still had about a four days journey back to San Diego. 

It must have been a very lonely place out there on that big sea as his supplies run out.  I wonder how he has done as he headed back home.  That night we had the roughest weather we had the whole trip – huge swells like small hills.  Up and down and up and down.  Leo’s stomach did not like it one bit.  I think I could make a passable sailor.  It is a blessing not to be bothered by seasickness.

The cruise will provide us with many memories.  For me the snorkeling was the best – next to just being on the ocean.  I would stand out on the balcony and soak up the sounds of water rushing by.  There was just the sky and the sea and us on this huge ship that was really only a speck upon the ocean.


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