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We got into port in Acapulco at about 11 am.  This is a very beautiful place.  I guess we couldn’t have wished for nicer weather – the sky is clear and the temperature is somewhere in the 30 degree range C and a bit humid but not unbearable. 

The white sand of the beaches transition into huge rocky hills quickly.  We went and saw the famous cliff divers this afternoon.  Tonight on ship we saw a fantastic show of folkloric dances.  I got pictures but they will have to wait till we are home again to upload.

Last night we had a special treat.  We were invited to supper by one of the sponsors of the course Leo is taking.  They grew up in Saskatchewan and like too many have moved to Alberta.  His wife happens to be the daughter of the professor who taught me radiology.  It was a treat to share stories of Saskatoon, share family stuff and catch up on how her father is. 

During the night we travel northward up the coast to Ixtapa.  We’ll do another shore excursion tomorrow – visiting some island. 

I will get to go snorkeling – a first for me – in a couple of days at Cabo San Lucas.  That will be a first for me and I am looking forward to that.

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