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On the way – "cruisin"

We left Saskatoon Thursday night.  Yesterday we arrived in LA.  We arrived in LA in the early part of the day. 

Do you know that as one approaches LAX all the windows in the cars parked along the way shine and twinkle like mirrors.  In an urban sprawl kind of way it was beautiful.

The whole flight was nice – except being crammed into a small seat next to a big man.  At least I had the window and could look out.  As we flew I wrote down some of my impressions.  So here you are – flying along with me from Minneapolis to LA.

The sky above is intensely blue.  One can see only the soft blue on the horizon all around deepening to a more intense deep colour overhead.  Below the layer of clouds is grey looking like thick drier lint.  We are somewhere over Nebraska.

We leave the cloud covered land and emerge over strangely arranged farmland.  What on earth is cultivated in the fields drawn out on the land below in large circles.  They touch each other but don’t overlap.  It looks as if a school child were given the task of drawing as many complete circles as possible on the paper. 

Another aircraft passes in the sky far off to the right.  It leaves a dark grey stream behind the bank of clouds  that lay just below my horizon where the white rim stops and the rest of the sky begins.  one would at first think that the grey was just a tiny aberration in the wall of cloud.  Then the eye focuses on the moving sliver at the eastern end that carries a tiny blinking light.

The terrain changes and becomes rugged – maybe Colorado.  There are the beginnings of mountains below, rugged, brown and barren.  Further north are real snow topped peaks. 

Then the pilot points our Death Valley.  Flatness, brown.  Rocks break the flatness.  And then suddenly, more of the mysterious circles green this time.  They have to have something to do with irrigation. 

As we pass over San Bernardino the valley is taken over by blocks and blocks of houses.  And this continues till we approach the airport.  How dense this population is compared to our cities which arise out of vast expanses of prairie.

Now we are on board. And we have moved out to sea.  There is a slow but not uncomfortable rocking from side to side.  Sea legs will come later.  What a fascinating place a ship like this is.  Like a town unto itself.  We have the luxury of a balcony and we will use it. 

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