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Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.  The generation of the great wars is passing on.  As my dad slips farther away from us into Alzheimers, his WW II experiences become a larger part of his memory.  He didn’t talk much about the details when we were kids but we always attended a Remembrance Day service.  Now it is hard to know how much is real and how much story.  My grandfather was a veteran of WW I – left a leg over there in Europe but came home with a bride.  Both of them believed they were helping to fight for freedom and a just cause and I think I agree.  But both of them were gentle people and what went on in the wars affected them in ways they could not express.  They had a great respect for life and I imagine their war experiences contributed to that.

Yet these wars did not end all wars as they hoped.  Will they ever end?  We must pray for peace in our world and work towards it. 

And today as there was a lull in the fighting French and other foreign nationals were evacuated from the Ivory Coast.

Some interesting links:
Vetrans stories and letters – the Canadain Forces have some on line archives which can be accessed here.
I found this letter fascinating.

I was able to find my grandfather’s records online as well.  He was a Bombadier in WW I.  Wounded at Ypres before the German forces began to use gas.

And in the Ivory Coast

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