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Pretend, Pretend

On the way home from the hospital this evening I was listening to the radio.  A guy was talking about plastic and reconstructive surgery.  One of the striking things he said was that men are becoming concerned with appearances.  They can no longer retain their positions in organizations just by the fact that they are male.  They have to remain looking vital and vigorous.  Apparently women in business have known that their appearances are important but men are just learning this.   So men are turning to reconstructive surgery to obtain the look they want. 

It sounds like the appearance of being young and vital is becoming more important than the results of one’s work efforts.  Pretend, pretend.  Make things look good and it doesn’t matter what is under the cover.

Aging is not particularly fun.  Parts hurt and we start to sag and wrinkle.  But what about the passing on of   stories and wisdom from the older to the younger generations?  What about knowledge that isn’t embodied in some pretty human package – has it less value than if it comes from someone who looks good?  Have we become so superficial that we don’t look beyond the surface anymore?

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