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At the hospital

Spent some time up at the hospital with my step-mom and dad.  Dad’s got some bleeding from somewhere causing his hemoglobin to get dangerously low.  So he’s getting transfusions and will be in the hospital for awhile.  Now to decide just how far to go in treatment.  Dad has Alzheimers and will not get better from that – not here in this life.  And when death is not the end – is it fair to him to hold him here where the best we can obtain from aggressive treatment is a few more years of deterioration?  I, personally, would rather be set free.  I am glad he has a living will.  We know that this is pretty much how he felt too.  Still decisions on degrees of aggressiveness of treatment are not easy ones. 

I went for tea to my step mom’s after being up at the hospital.  I am growing more and more thankful that God sent her into dad’s life after my mom died.  We sat and talked for a long time.  About dad.  About loss of companionship.  About how my dad lived life fully till he couldn’t any more – and about how he still will sometimes say he would like to head off on some new adventure.  How she is thankful for the good years they had. 

She is a blessing.  God give her peace and a good rest tonight.  Bless her with wisdom in the days to come.

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