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Today was not a good day in the dental sense – for me personally.  On the weekend I was eating something and felt an ominous crunch.  The tooth that crunched was the one that recently had a post and crown.  I knew exactly what had happened.  I hoped it hadn’t but, well, I was pretty sure.  A vertical fracture down the root.  No hope to salvage that one.

Today the diagnosis was confirmed.  As I sit here writing, the upper left side of my face is slowly awakening. 

Just a few complicating factors are putting off the inevitable – my huge sinuses surrounding about half the root and a partner who chose to do the prudent thing and let me see an oral surgeon to have it out.  So I am minus the crown and awaiting an appointment.  It can take a year to get in to that office. 

The gap feels pretty weird.

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