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A New Day Dawning

As I write this the sky is turning to a bright pink.  It promises to be as beautiful a day as yesterday was. 

Had a good sleep last night.  Leo and I watched Bridgett Jones’ Dairy and that is a pretty funny show – although not as hilarious as I was expecting after all the recommendations by friends.  The kids were out doing their own thing and Sara is off at High School provincial soccer so it was nice and quiet.  It was nice to not have to go out anywhere last night – Grace even went and picked up the DVD for us at the rental place. 

Sara called me at work yesterday – something they are not supposed to do unless it is an emergency.  Most emergencies seem to be on the order of what should I make for supper.  And this was not an emergency either.  She was just excited.  They had won their first game and against the team ranked second so she had to tell me.  Good old St Mary’s.  The underdogs who are, needless to say, extremely motivated to win this – for the first time in history!

It was a good day on another level as well.  CK asked if he could stay – keep on living at our place.  He even offered to pay us rent!  So if he plays by the rules and we can remain sure that he is doing that, he will be staying at home.  So trust will begin to build up again, I hope.  Little by little.  Battles fought and won with lots of prayer.  Thanks God.

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