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Just another stressful day

Today was very busy at work.  To top it off, I did not get enough sleep last night and I only had one assistant today but was booked as if I had two.  Production should look good – I came home exhausted and about an hour late. 

I am beginning to work well with my new assistant.  It is about three months now and we are getting used to reading each other’s minds.  She is picking up speed at anticipating the stuff I am going to use.  And I really appreciate her willingness to work hard.  I didn’t hear any complaints from her today even though we only got a few minutes to eat at noon and she was late going home to her family.

Other things are causing me some stress right now.  Kids!  It is time for one to take his things and move out on his own.  Maybe he will see that his choices are not good – later on.  I have to hang on to a little bit of hope for that.  And hope that he will not get hurt irreparably in the process of finding out.  Or hurt someone else.  Not sure what his dad will say when he finds out – neither of his dads know yet but I know Leo will understand and back me up.  I think his own dad will also understand but will be hurt badly.  Right now, I think this kid is the centre of his own little universe and considers other people’s needs of little value.

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