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Sara's good deal

Sara and I had a deal.  She would do some baking for the bake sale today and she would help out at the table for a couple of hours and if she did that then I would take her to Saskatoon after for some shopping. 

I do not really like shopping.  It is tiring and it costs me a lot of money.  But… she did hold up her end of the bargain.  So we went.  Now normally, I would tell her to just find the stuff she needs here in Prince Albert, but she needed new indoor soccer cleats and she has wide feet.  To get a really good shoe we needed more choice than what was available here.  And she needed “sliding shorts” which she could not get here either. (these are spandex that they wear under the soccer shorts to help cut down on burns from sliding on the floor)

Saskatoon has a couple of nice stores that specialize in soccer gear so we went there and found just what she needed.  Eric came and met us there.  He must come in often – or made enough of an impression on the clerk that she remembered him.  She actually remembered that he had bought some good cleats to send out to some of his friends in Africa.  Those cleats were still on sale and so Sara also got some for outdoor.  Outdoor season is about finished – just provincial high school soccer finals in Yorkton this week.  She can break her new cleats in on the ice and snow maybe!


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