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Aching all over

Today I felt pretty rotten for a good part of the day.  I don’t usually.  But today my left shoulder blade – the trapezius I would suspect – had a knot in it all day.  Made my whole left arm feel weak at times.  Good thing I am not left handed I guess.

Anyway, I had a meeting tonight at church which I would have loved to get out of since I was feeling fairly wiped out by the time I got home.  Hard to get out of a meeting when you are the chair though. 

So I loaded up my body with ibuprofen, made supper and by meeting time, was doing just fine. 

There are some medications that are Godsends.  And then there is sleep – something which I should go and get right now.

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Seems this new site may help link us all together.  Check out Saskblogs.com

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