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Tonight – rest

Tonight I was together with some friends.  We just sat and shared some deep stuff.  I feel a bit like I’ve just been to a hospital – but his was a nice place and a place that tonight was full of healing for me. 

I guess it hurts a bit to really tell others what it is that hurts – to uncover the layers of calluses that you have been using as protection.  I’m tired of pretending that all is great and healthy when it is not. Tonight it was as if the friends were there administering the healing stuff that comes from the great physician himself.  When it’s laid bare really good healing stuff can be poured on it and it feels good – so good. 

Tonight I feel like I will sleep well.

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The Pain Motivation

It’s always a bit disappointing when a patient that really needs dental care has an attitude problem that prevents them from accepting their role in the treatment of their problem.  We had a young girl – late teens – who came in with her mother a while ago.  She needed a lot of teeth restored and a root canal.  But her mouth was so dirty that the first day I refused to do anything for her.  There was really no point in trying.  The plaque was so thick – like fur on moldy bread. 

I called her mother in that first day and showed her the problem, explaining that there was no way that I could ask for approval from the funding agency for payment for a root canal under the conditions present in her mouth.  Sometimes mothers at this point get really upset with me.  This mother understood but I think there was not much she could do.  I think this girl has other issues that have more to do with defiance than with an inability to brush.  So she got a toothbrush and a new appointment. 

She came to the next appointment.  Her hygiene was not great but it was acceptable so the abscessed tooth was treated to what we call an open and drain – not the complete root canal but enough to get rid of the infection.  The pain normally goes away after this appointment.  Sometimes pain can be a good thing.  It drives us to get the treatment we need even if we do not want the accompanying discomfort of receiving the treatment. 

Today she did not come for the next appointment.  I guess we took away the only motivating factor.  That is always kind of sad.  Working towards health is always a better choice.

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