A day off

Today was the first day I have had off in a long time.  Well, not exactly all off but mostly.  I did go in to the office to see one patient first thing this am.  But it was one of my patients I also count as friend and so it was a little bit more like a visit than work.  Course she couldn’t say much with my hands in her mouth, but anyway…

After that, I came home to my daughter asleep on my couch.  She had left Saskatoon very early to bring kitty up to the vet.  He needed to lose some parts and it is enough cheaper here that it easily paid for her to spend the money on gas to come up here.  She was studying and fell asleep, so I let her till it came time to meet Leo for lunch. 

Then to the bank to talk about a student line of credit.  That went well I think.  Spent over an hour working over the figures with our banker. 

Then shopping for a few things before coffee with Randall.  And we just happened to run into Marc and he joined us later.  Almost had a mini blogfest.  One of the best things about blogging is the people one actually gets to meet in person.

Then I decided to join Leo and Rachelle for an evening at the movies.  Went to Ladder 49.  That is a great movie – well worth watching.  Even at the price a movie costs nowadays.

And today was Prince Albert’s 100th birthday as a city.  We are older than the province.  I guess it paid to be on a fur trade route back then – as far as development went.  So in honor of the big day there were fireworks up in the park.  I decided to drive by and see how they were.  By PA’s standards they were awesome.  A little short of the fireworks at La Ronde in Montreal – but hey – this is just little old PA.

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