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Talking on the phone

Just getting off the phone with my oldest daughter.  Cool. 

We were talking about her studies. She is really working hard and I am becoming more and more proud of her.  She is upgrading her high school subjects – her high school performance was abysmal – she dropped out – then went back a couple of years ago as a “mature student” .  She is paying for these courses now and working her butt off.  She did pretty well in her Chemistry test and called me about that. 

Getting a phone call like this is worth rejoicing over – compared to last weeks hysterical call over the falling air conditioner.  I don’t think I’d better divulge that story yet.  Later on – maybe much later on – it will be laughed about.  But not yet.

She is actually exploring the idea of going into medicine.  That is almost a frightening thought since guess who gets to help foot the bill???

As we were talking though, it was crazy how much like me and Leo she sounded as she told how excited she was about getting to dissect a fetal pig soon.  One of the girls in her class who is going into nursing has “issues” with this I guess.  Rachelle is a lot more pragmatic – get over it she said to the other girl – we’re doing it to learn – and you are wanting to go into nursing. 

Sounds like she has a good advisor too.  She is going to help Rachelle plan out her courses carefully for the next few years.

But the real  little gem for me in the whole conversation?  She was afraid she was going to end up with a parking ticket and said “Mom, I was praying so hard that I wouldn’t get a ticket.”  And she didn’t.  Now that is a tiny little weeny miniscule thing – but to me it is a spark worth fanning.

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