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Tonight- thoughts on missions

We had guests with a fantastic story tonight over at the church.  Hearing the stories of people who have been faithful to God – that seems to be a good way for me to experience some of the presence of God too. 

I always used to think of missions evenings as a bit of a drag – and that sounds terrible since I have been the speaker at too many of such evenings.  Maybe part of that feeling came from going to tell a story about a place and a work, being somehow encouraged to tell what the mission was doing more than my story of how God was working out his will using my life and work.  I know God was at work and maybe used my attempts to relate this to others but somehow things have changed around now.  Maybe it is partly just becoming more mature in my faith to where whatever I do for God is less about the work I am doing (although, in fact, it may be exactly what God wants me to be doing) and more about what God is doing through me in the relationships I have with people.  So no matter where I find myself – here or in the Congo – God can use me somehow.

That statement is pretty convoluted!  In any case, something has changed in me to where I find it really good to hear the stories of other people’s faith.  And this evening was good.  Hearing not so much about what God was doing in this couple’s “work” in Pakistan but hearing how God worked in their own lives and hearing how God used them to affect others around them.

So I guess I would say about future missions speakers – forget the artifacts and such and speak about how God is working both in your own lives and in the lives of those you were called to serve.  Although as a kid the artifacts and the whole exotic different world that missions speakers explored was fascinating to me and God probably used that stuff too as he was calling me.

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