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A full and good day.

This was the first in what may become a regular discussion group with coffee after church.  Looking at some of the hard questions we are asked or have about our faith.   

This morning we attempted to explore the question “Why do we believe there is a God?”.  I was a bit disappointed that some of the people who may actually be seeking the answers to the questions were not part of the discussion.  But I guess we who were there need to ask these kinds of questions too so we can know where and how to deal with the question when we get asked.  Thought it would be most interesting to have a real atheist there to ask us the question.  It’s pretty easy to discuss the answer when we are all looking at it from the same side of the fence!

Then home to entertain my sister-in-law and her fiancĂ©e.  He seems to be such a nice guy.  Easy to be around.  (If you read this Rob – we like you and think Terry’s going to be happy.  So welcome to the family.)  Hope there will be many similar afternoons like this to come.

Then in the evening – went to spend time with friends.  There were only four of us women around the table tonight – drinking tea and talking.  We had a good time.  We are reading the Ragamuffin Gospel and talking.  It was good tonight to share some of the ways we have experienced God in our lives.  It seems we’ve had pretty similar experiences.  The experiences have involved letting go of pretty hurtful stuff, being desperate enough to let God take all of that stuff and then really experiencing the love and acceptance of God.  We decided that having kids makes a mother really desperate at times.

We also have experienced the same desire to really know God.  That sort of desire that has driven us to search deeper into the Bible as well as the need to spend a lot of time in prayer.  We have also been, and are still, frustrated by the dry spells we have when it is hard to return to that place of pure delight at being in God’s presence- of that almost insatiable appetite for God.  It was good to share these things.  It is more common but less healthy for us to struggle on our own.  I think that finding friends to help us on this journey is just what we should be doing as the church. 

A fun evening.  The end to a full and good day. 


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