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This has been a very tiring week.  A lot of things at work seem to have added together to make it that way.  So blogging has been a bit sparse. 

Other things seem to add up to make the whole atmosphere of life just heavy for me right now.  Some of what is going on in the world like the stuff in Iraq makes me feel very tired and make any attempts on my part to live out the kind of life Christ would like seem really futile.  Life here just seems to go on uneventfully while on the other side of the world people are dying; children are being blown to bits.  Sometimes it just gets hard to take.  And governments are so immovable.  I hope somehow, somewhere, someone can respond to some of those hurting people in the way that Jesus would like us to – with love.  Maybe love that they could see, not just greed and love of power and arrogance.

I have a tendency to despair when the world news is so bleak, so full of pain and suffering.  I suspect that this is not the appropriate reaction either.

Today I spent the day with my grandson.  That little life is changing so quickly.  He spends more time upright than on all fours now.  And he is beginning to communicate with “words” or some semblance thereof.  We went out to the park, played some silly little games and just had fun together.  But I sure didn’t get much else done.  Tomorrow we have some of my in-laws for lunch so we are going to eat simply.  Hope the weather cooperates for barbecuing hamburgers.

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