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Guest Speaking

This week has gone too quickly.  Maybe that is just because I had too much to do. 

Tuesday – Worship practice  Wednesday – Bible study  Thursday – Spoke at a Lutheran Women’s supper  Friday – and here we are!

Thursday was an interesting experience.  I was asked to be the guest speaker at one of the few meetings this women’s group has during the year.  The potluck supper was great as these suppers on the prairies tend to be.  Most of the women present were well past me in age – good to feel so young!  It seems their women’s group is on the brink of extinction and they don’t understand why none of the younger women want to join them.  Same problem the older women’s group in our church is having.  We need a major shift in paradigm there and I sure don’t know what the change needs to be.  I just know that it has not been a very relevant group for me either.  Anyway that is another topic in itself.    The thing that would have really gotten to me if I had been a member of their group was the business meeting.  Why do there have to be these crazy boring business meetings.  And this one was about as formal a meeting as you can get – minutes, regular rules of order motions and very little honest discussion (who wants to stick their neck out after all?) etc. 

Then there was me. I felt a bit strange being referred to as the “guest of honor” and the “special speaker”  but I really tried to listen to what God wanted me to say.  It was pretty similar to what I had previously shared in my own church this summer, but I shared a bit more of my background and my own struggles over the past thirteen years since moving back to Canada.  And I shared how real God is to me now and how he called me back to the Congo this summer.  It was a good evening for me.  I am not really a public speaker.  I work better with my hands than I do with my mouth.  But this was another of those times when I think God was helping me out.  Not that I am afraid to get up in front of people but usually more afraid of not knowing how to say what I want to say.  Thursday the words seemed to come – in some semblance of order.


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