My left index finger had a very pointed encounter with a four year old’s teeth this morning.  Right at the first knuckle. You know those little creases that run across the knuckle from side to side?  I had a few extra little indentations right there for about an hour – not quite running in line with the other creases which shortly after the incident swelled out of existence. 

However, my finger seems to have recovered nicely now.  Only a small swollen spot remains.  And fortunately it was my left hand – just my mirror holding hand. 

Most frustrating thing about my work day was realizing that the wait to get kids done with sedation is presently as long as the wait to get a kid into the OR.  Sedation’s big advantage is now reduced to the safety of sedation vs a general anesthetic – that is safety for the children.  My fingers are safer when the kids are sleeping.  Oh yeah, sedation does have the very large advantage of providing a more smooth transition to having work done in the office without sedation at some time in the future for most kids.


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