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Just stuff that makes up my day

Today seemed to get off to a crazy start – so busy that we ran a little behind all morning and then really fizzled at the end with our last two patients not showing up.  That was OK since I got an emergency call to stop on the way home and buy a cake mix and icing so my daughter could bake cupcakes for her friends birthday.  So I had time to do that then head up to the hospital to visit my newest little patient – a girl with a cleft lip and palate – born yesterday I guess.  She is a good sized little girl.  I had to use the largest of my baby trays to take the impression. 

Just had time to eat and head up to meet one of my buisness partners for coffee so we could go over our financial statements.  We make a good buisness pair.  Two total morons when it comes to understanding the financial reports.  So my office manager who acts as our accountant came along so she could explain stuff to us in plain language. 

He is heading out to St Petersburg this week for a few weeks.  Now that would be a fascinating vacation.  The history has got to be rich in a place like that. 


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