I'm Back

And it has been quite a weekend.

Soccer – the girls lost 2 to 1.  First game was a tie.  They played hard and well.  Some bad calls of course and felt really wiped at the end.  Lots of raw emotions.  Other than that the weekend was good.  We ate out so much – including Sara’s favourite Vietnamese food – that I don’t care if I just have soup at home for a few days. 

Got home to find out that certain people had a few uninvited guests around on Friday night.  I guess it was one of those parties where someone spreads the news that the parents are away and everyone shows up.  So did the police.  Actually after the police sent them all home and issued a warning they decided to come back.  The police were called by my child and came but now he has to show up in court to explain what happened. 

And I hear that both my home kids showed up in church pretty tired this morning.

Came back to the study of  The Ragamuffin Gospel.  The women were my church for this day and it was good.  Sometimes we end up doing more sharing than reading.  That’s OK too.

Now I just got a call – our youth pastor’s house has just been broken into.  Just saw them since they were at my other son’s house for the evening and I had dessert with them a few minutes ago.  Will have to see what I can do to help.

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