Away for a few days

This has been a busy week and it’s not over yet.  Tomorrow am – to the OR.  Three cases.  Three off the list – unfortunately they seem to get added on at the other end of the list as fast or faster than we can get the cases done.  But no one hears much about the waiting list for dental work that needs to be done in the OR.  They have relegated us to the bottom of the heap.  Two kids and a physically/mentally challenged adult tomorrow. 

As soon as I am done there, I pick up Sara and her friend and we take off for Saskatoon.  The girls will shop I guess and I will sit in a lecture – on pediatric dentistry given by the only pediatric dentist this province has left.  And he is good.  I also appreciate the fact that when I need to consult, he will give me advice over the phone. 

Also since it is the Dental Convention I should see some of my collegues from around the province.  I hope to meat up with my counterpart in the school based dental programme in Saskatoon.  We haven’t met but we will hunt each other out tomorrow.  She is also a pediatrician.  Should be good to meet her.

Then we drive on down to Regina for the provincial finals in under 16 girls soccer.  I haven’t been to many of the games with Sara this year.  This is one I need to go to.  We are taking her best friend who is an emergency standby goalie if disaster should strike the teams regular goalie.  Lauren is very good but is just coming back from a serious knee injury and surgery last winter.  Lauren and Sara have been best friends from way back.  I sure don’t mind having to put up with the two girls. 

So I doubt that I will be blogging at all over the weekend – unless Regina has an internet cafe that I can find.   

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