Dispensing the blue pill

OK, I admit that most of my posts lately have been a little heavy on the contemplative side.  Sometimes I get that way.  But my days are not usually spent in solemn contemplation and if I was really that “spiritual” I don’t suppose I’d be so …  Anyway, ask my kids just after I’ve blown up at them how “spiritual” they think I am.  But the routines of work and home don’t always give me a lot of exciting or stimulating stuff to talk about.  It’s just life.

Interesting day at work – soooo slow this afternoon.  How to endear yourself to your dentist (not!) – cancel out on a 90 minute appointment 30 minutes before!  And no, we did not have snow or any other natural disasters that would justify such a sudden cancellation. 

This am had a guy in that had really neglected his teeth – very nervous.  He was honest enough with us about that that we were able to plan some sedation.  I figure it is no shame to be afraid.  But it is sad to be unable to admit it and accept a little sedation to make it bearable and to therefore neglect needed work till it is hopeless.  So a little blue pill makes life a lot easier for this guy and his wisdom tooth fairly popped out anyway.  He left impressed.  Sometimes I love doing extractions – and then again – sometimes I hate them.

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  1. I was waiting for a “Matrix” reference. Has the wool been pulled over our eyes? Is there a “real” world of dental hygene that us laypeople don’t know about?


  2. Linea

    Hate to admit it but I haven’t seen the Matrix – yet. I have to remedy that soon. Nothing like keeping up with the movies!

    And the pill is blue. Works wonders for strong men that shake and turn pale when I simply say “have a seat”.

  3. Ah Linea,

    You do have a way with men.