Our church is making some changes – worship times, changing the order in which we do things, maybe changing a bit the way we use our space.  Nothing too earth shattering but change nonetheless.  We spent a lot of time at our executive board meeting tonight talking about these changes, making sure we were all on the same track – that we know fairly clearly what we are up to. 

You know, I never thought I would be sort of intimidated by these changes we’re doing.  I shouldn’t be – I’m helping to instigate them – but I find myself a bit nervous.  It’s hard to articulate why but I think we become unsure of each other.  I think I am so non-confrontational that the thought that someone close to me won’t adjust to the changes well is sort of scary.  And who knows if they will, or if I myself will, handle all of this well.  That is what I think I am most scared of.  The not being able to predict how people are going to react or even how I am going to react. 

The actual changes – well they are really nothing.  At least nothing of any lasting importance.  Moving some furniture, switching the order of worship from after class and coffee times to before, etc.  But the way we react to them may be of great importance.  It’s our reactions to them that are liable to hurt someone – maybe irrevocably.

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  1. Ah Linea, I hear ya.

    My greatest frustration is with how easy and a non issue this should really be. But alas, it isn’t! With only a couple people.

    So we continue on, comforting the fearful, calming the personal mood swings of individuals. I think it will be ok, good even, for us.

    Interestingly, I chatted with the Norquay pastor Wednesday. They are doing the exact same thing this fall. Their approach? He decided they would do it, so on Sunday two weeks ago, he stood up in church and announced this would happen. Done. No noise back yet.

    I told him we’ve been working on ours since early spring!!