A solitary day


I am thinking back over my day in the solitude of the cabin at the farm.  Looking for some profound things that I can tell you.  But it was just good quiet time.  

What I enjoy most is the time to pray – no interruptions, any posture I wish before my God, knowing that for awhile it will just be him and me. He was very present but nothing enormous happened.  No visions, no spectacular revelations.  Sometimes I wish I would experience God in those ways but he seems to just be there with me.  And as to the clarity I needed on a couple of issues – well, the time was good to work through those.  Some things became more clear, others more complicated by an e-mail message when I got back home. 

So I prayed and read – mostly am reading in Matthew and Joshua right now.  And I am reading a little book I borrowed I Believe in the Holy Spirit by Michael Green. 

And I always take some music along. This time I had CD’s along but was short a few batteries to use the CD player, so spent time making my own music on the recorder.

Took the camera too.  The weather wasnt great but I got out to take a few shots.  There are lots of mushrooms around this year, thanks to all the moisture.  The camera stimulates me to study things around me more closely – to really look.   I think it makes me see things from a different perspective, to tune my eyes more to details, colour and to the beauty of shape and form.


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  1. Phil L

    Nice pictures, but can you name the genus and species of those mushrooms? I have a mushroom field guide that you can borrow for your next trip.

  2. Linea

    I have no idea what mushrooms these would be. I would never dare pick and eat any – I am too ignorant – but prudent. I’m afraid the next time I go they will likely be under snow.