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Have posted some new images to the galleries – Congo travelling

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On Call

I got a call last night.  The emergency doctor needed help.  Some poor guy had had a tooth out and was back bleeding so badly they had already matched blood. 

Usually dental call means we have a lot of emergencies at the office during the week.  Sometimes, we see someone for trauma.  But, since most dentists don’t much appreciate getting out of their comfortable houses after hours, the docs have agreed to only call us for the real emergencies.  There is an emergency room physician on all the time so it does help cut down on the people who think that going to emergency after 5 is more convenient for their work schedule. 

I stopped by my office for a few tools.  Emergency has just about nothing to deal with any dental emergency.  Then headed up to the trauma room at the Vic. 

I walked in and there was blood everywhere!  No doubt that the guy had been bleeding badly enough to come in!  Brought in actually – for the second time that day – from our local federal penal facility.  So there was blood, an emerg room dr, guards, several nurses, and now me.  They offered me a cute little gown and gloves of course.  Were going to give me some glasses when I pointed out that I was wearing some and that this was no different than what I usually did in the office.  They didn’t offer a mask – that was a bit strange to me since I always wear a mask. 

But the dr had done a good job of stemming the tide.  A finger in the leaky dike works wonders to stop bleeding.

So I looked, froze him up and put in a couple more stitches where they seemed to have pulled loose, waited a while and then went home. 

Went home to cold pizza.

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