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Today was family day at my office it seemed.  My sister and her kids were here and today was the day Kristie got her braces off – Yeah!!!  And everyone else got cleaned up.

And because a lot of my family were in town and there were some important birthdays going on, we all got together tonight for cake and ice cream.  Dad is 86 tomorrow.  My daughter-in-law, Michelle, is a mere 29 today.  Both good reason to eat cake and ice cream – as if we really needed an excuse.

And Leo got back today from a weekend of meetings and visiting his brother.  That is always good – well most of the time – to get him back -:)

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Reading another good book…

The Signature of Jesus by Brennan Manning

Talking about the church:

The experience of community is neither a luxury for the spiritually affluent nor a panacea for the lonely, bored, and idle.  It is, in fact, a necessity for every Christian.  It is my personal conviction that this is what Jesus and Paul meant when they spoke of the church small Christian communities praying and worshiping together, healing, forgiving, reconciling, supporting, challenging, and encouraging one another.  Scott peck says, There can be no vulnerability without risk; there can be no community without vulnerability; there can be no peace and ultimately no life without community.”

We need a group of people around us who support and understand us.  Even Jesus needed this.  He called them the Twelve,” the first Christian community.  We need perspective on the present, so we pray together; we need accountability; so we share our lives with each other; we need a vision of the future, so we dream together.” (The Signature of Jesus, Manning, Multnomah, 1996 p 80)

This is the sort of church I need.  I think the congregation I worship with is becoming like this.  We are beginning to “pray, worship, heal, forgive, support, challenge and encourage one another”.  We have a long way to go still.  And maybe some of the group will never get there.  But when something happens in our group, like what happened to me last Sunday, I think we are on the right track. 

Last Sunday we had a very unsophisticated, unchoreographed but meaningful prayer time.  Just in the middle of the worship service we were asked to place ourselves in groups of two or three and pray for the requests that had been voiced and for each other.  So we did or at least the small group that I was part of did.  (Some people are pretty uncomfortable doing this but I think that is because they are just not very comfortable praying period.)  And afterwards the person I prayed with, someone I would not have expected to reveal private family problems” to me shared some problems one of her daughters is having.  I think we are beginning to trust each other enough to let ourselves be more transparent to each other.  Only when we do this can we really be honest enough to voice our needs and to support each other as we should.

There is so much talk about the different forms that church can take house churches, churches that meet in unusual locations, emergent, liturgical (or not) but I think that the real essence of church is this gathering of the community in Christ’s name; fellowship together in the presence of the living God; helping each other live lives that demonstrate how much God loves us; the world recognizing that we have something going on that makes a difference

Seems to me that John was saying this when he wrote:  My dear, dear friends, if God loved us like this, we certainly ought to love each other. No one has seen God, ever. But if we love one another, God dwells deeply within us, and his love becomes complete in us–perfect love!”  1 John 4: 11, 12 (MSG)

No one has seen God but they should be able to look at his church and see some resemblance.

The form that it takes is going to change with each new generation and will need to.  From looking back at how God has interacted with humans throughout history, as recorded in the Bible and in Christian writings since, there has been a lot of change.  God remains the same no matter how our understanding of him changes.  He continues to reveal the great love he has for us.  I know he will remain relevant to the generations still to come even though they will be much different than we are.  If God couldn’t handle change, he wouldn’t have made us with minds that seek to discover and create.  He did make us in his image.

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Dinner and a Movie

This afternoon my son called and invited himself, wife and son over for supper.  He brought the steaks so I got off easy.  Haven’t seen them (well not all three at once) for over a week.  And they are always welcome – I think they know that.

They brought a movie over – Veronica Guerin.  Wow!  Gave everything for what she knew was right and didn’t back down in the face of threats – and then the threats were carried out.  Made me think – that is what we are supposed to be like as followers of Christ – not backing down in the face of evil.  Doing what is the right thing to do not what is safe. 

It was a good movie to watch together.  As I was sitting there all comfy on my couch enjoying their company, I realized just how much fun it is to have my kids around.  Fun watching a grandson grow.  Fun watching my son be a dad – changing diapers and all.

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What do you say?

What do you say to a fiteen going on sixteen year old who is dieing to get a belly button ring? 

Her sister just got a little nose ring and is having fun right now with a cold. 

A least she is not likely to get a runny belly button!   Still I think I will try to hold out for as long as I can – not exactly sure why.  Maybe it is just hard to see my baby want to grow up and do what she wants to do.

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Evening Sky

I’ve started walking again.  I guess there are several reasons for this.  I need to walk for exercise.  Just pulling a few teeth just doesn’t count as aerobic activity.  Not enough anyway.  Mind you, we do have stairs from the basement where the staff room and my office is up to the clinic.  But the muffins or cake that appears almost daily down in the staff room seems to negate any effect the stair climbing has on my figure.  And Leo has this cruise/ educational event coming up in November that he insists on me going to with him.  And believe me — I am just not bathing suit material at present.(maybe never will be, but I guess I should try)

The other reason I have begun walking again is that I feel in a bit of a slump.  I know exercise is a good way for me to improve how I feel.  The quiet of the evening is a good time for me to reconnect with God as I walk and sometimes sit and watch the sky and river.  I need this kind of solitary time.  And the time spent walking is also a good time to talk and listen to God.

Watching the sky this evening was also like watching God paint in moving changing colours as the sun set and the sky changed from evening to night.  It makes me think that God must really love beauty.

Evening Sky

How does God do that?
Shift colours
From brilliant orange
To yellow-blue
Then deepening midnight blue and stars,
Throw in
Wisps of inky cloud
Just for show
And on the north horizon
Brush shifting curls
And sheets of drifting light.

This splendor mirrored in the river
As if, in leaving his studio,
The trail of his garment
Lingered long in the evening sky.

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Well, that was fun.  It’s good to have real faces and people to match up with those blogs.

Maybe next time we will have it in PA.  Who knows?

Thanks Becky for pulling it all together.

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I'm Coming Too

So I mentioned to the old guy that I would sure like to go to Saskatoon tonight and see some of my fellow bloggers.  He was fine with that so I asked him to come along and meet some of you guys too.  He’s already going to be half way there – at Rosthern – engaged in his favorite activity (that is golf !) in the afternoon.  So we’ll see all of you at this event if you can make it.

Saskatoon Blogfest 2K4

O’Sheas Irish Pub at – well we’ll make it by about 7:30 I think.

How do you computer geeks get the picture to copy?


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