In the last few days two people have suggested I withhold something starting with S from a certain grumpy old man who lives in this house.

The first one to suggest it – well that will remain a secret!

Today I came home from worship practice to find this grumpy person having a strong disagreement with my youngest daughter.  You see, my grump is a TVaholic.  When he came home she was watching a movie on “his” TV — with some friends.  She couldn’t get her DVD player to run the disc.  He seemed to think she was deliberately sabotaging his evening. 

I had to agree with her assessment.  He was just being a grouch.  So two rights make a right – right?

So then she pronounces, “You should just withhold “S” from him for a month.”  This is the teenaged girl that freaks out and tells us to get a room if we exchange a kiss in the kitchen. 

I am beginning to wonder what on earth people are thinking about me! 

Good nite.  I’m off to visit the grump.

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  1. She wants you to withhold Scotch from him for a month??

  2. Now that’s an idea!