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The Friday Revue

The last couple of days have been busy.  On Friday there were goodbyes said to Patrick as he left us for four months to visit his family in the Congo.  I took him and the four cases he is taking to the airport in Saskatoon and we got there a bit overwhelmed by the crowd.  They weren’t there to see us though, just Theresa, the Canadain idol wanna be.  She had lots of fans. 

All the hullabaloo down at the arrivals area left the rest of the waiting area pretty quiet.  Gave me time to send him off with prayer.  Also gave him time to visit with a friend – Omira -a very tall and slender girl from Nigeria. She is also a francophone so that is how they met and struck up a friendship. 

Then off to see the new house my son and his wife are moving into this weekend.  Cute place – neighborhood is a bit seedy but they have a good tall fence.  It will be nice for them and their animals.  Beautiful hardwood floors.  And affordable.  Housing costs are higher in Saskatoon than here.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a screw in my back tire.  Someone honked at me and pointed this out and I was able to let my son do the manly thing and change it for me.  Honestly don’t think I’ve had to change a tire since he was about 5.  For some things a man is indispensable.  Well OK I could do it if I had to!

Then lunch with my daughter.  We went to one of our favorite places – The Pacific Gallery – for a quick lunch before she had to get to work and I had to hit the road for PA.  Got back just in time to have coffee with Randall.  Back to our Friday coffee chats.  I needed that.  Fall routines are starting up again and some routines are good.  

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