Wishing for more time

Busy day at work.  The day goes fast when all the patients come and there is no time to sit around and think about the time. 

Patrick came by and borrowed the car to do some last minute things.  He leaves tomorrow and I am driving down to Saskatoon to send him off.  He will of course be leaving with several additional bags.  The one I am sending is packed with repair parts for the dental units, replacement bulbs, etc.  The guys out in the Congo need more stuff but my pocketbook only goes so far.  I hope the really necessary things are here in the case I’m sending. 

The month since I returned from the Congo seems to have gone so fast.  There is still much to tell about the trip and I don’t seem to have time to just sit down and write it out.  I haven’t even gotten all the pictures I wanted to up in the galleries. 

Maybe it is a good thing Christian will not be leaving for a while yet – another opportunity to send things out with him for the dental office and send some stuff out to my friends there too.  IU was hoping to get some pictures ready to send and that just hasn’t happened.  I need more hours in my days.

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