Moving Stress

I think we are all getting a little stressed out over the move of my aunt coming up soon.  We have to move her on Sept 1.  My son and wife are also moving that week.  Then there is the fact that all of us seem to be extra busy at work right now.  The week of the move, I will be on call.  And school starts and my brother is a teacher. 

Anyways, I guess we are all tired and need to move to be done.  Then there will be the garage sale a couple of weeks later.  And all the pricing and stuff that goes with that. 

Anyone want to buy some really lovely teacups?  Figurines or other trinkets?  Or how about the piano – yeah especailly the piano – then we wouldn’t have to find a place to store it till it is sold.  Or move it. 

More big news – Resonate has launched.  Should be interesting.  So I read over at Randall’s blog that everyone is getting together at 7 pm on Sept. 1 at the Resonate Lounge to watch a duck ?? and to maybe see Jordon do a little dance???  And what will I be doing?  Moving boxes probably.  Feeling sorry that I can’t be there.  Am I jealous?  Maybe just a little teeny weeny bit!

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