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Dinner and a Movie

This afternoon my son called and invited himself, wife and son over for supper.  He brought the steaks so I got off easy.  Haven’t seen them (well not all three at once) for over a week.  And they are always welcome – I think they know that.

They brought a movie over – Veronica Guerin.  Wow!  Gave everything for what she knew was right and didn’t back down in the face of threats – and then the threats were carried out.  Made me think – that is what we are supposed to be like as followers of Christ – not backing down in the face of evil.  Doing what is the right thing to do not what is safe. 

It was a good movie to watch together.  As I was sitting there all comfy on my couch enjoying their company, I realized just how much fun it is to have my kids around.  Fun watching a grandson grow.  Fun watching my son be a dad – changing diapers and all.

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