Evening Sky

I’ve started walking again.  I guess there are several reasons for this.  I need to walk for exercise.  Just pulling a few teeth just doesn’t count as aerobic activity.  Not enough anyway.  Mind you, we do have stairs from the basement where the staff room and my office is up to the clinic.  But the muffins or cake that appears almost daily down in the staff room seems to negate any effect the stair climbing has on my figure.  And Leo has this cruise/ educational event coming up in November that he insists on me going to with him.  And believe me — I am just not bathing suit material at present.(maybe never will be, but I guess I should try)

The other reason I have begun walking again is that I feel in a bit of a slump.  I know exercise is a good way for me to improve how I feel.  The quiet of the evening is a good time for me to reconnect with God as I walk and sometimes sit and watch the sky and river.  I need this kind of solitary time.  And the time spent walking is also a good time to talk and listen to God.

Watching the sky this evening was also like watching God paint in moving changing colours as the sun set and the sky changed from evening to night.  It makes me think that God must really love beauty.

Evening Sky

How does God do that?
Shift colours
From brilliant orange
To yellow-blue
Then deepening midnight blue and stars,
Throw in
Wisps of inky cloud
Just for show
And on the north horizon
Brush shifting curls
And sheets of drifting light.

This splendor mirrored in the river
As if, in leaving his studio,
The trail of his garment
Lingered long in the evening sky.

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