I'm Coming Too

So I mentioned to the old guy that I would sure like to go to Saskatoon tonight and see some of my fellow bloggers.  He was fine with that so I asked him to come along and meet some of you guys too.  He’s already going to be half way there – at Rosthern – engaged in his favorite activity (that is golf !) in the afternoon.  So we’ll see all of you at this event if you can make it.

Saskatoon Blogfest 2K4

O’Sheas Irish Pub at – well we’ll make it by about 7:30 I think.

How do you computer geeks get the picture to copy?


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  1. Nice to meet you tonight, Linea.

    To get the picture (or any picture), just right-click on the picture and select “save picture as”…

    The other option is to right click on the picture and select “copy image location”, which will give you an URL you can link to using HTML coding ()

  2. Oops. That was supposed to be an illustration of html coding, but it actually went into effect…

    here is is with some extra spaces thrown in:

  3. Hmmm…apparently I’m doing something wrong. No matter. If you are interested in that particular code I can email it to you. What this code does is avoid having to save any files anywhere…

  4. OK…sorry for the repeat comments, but I appear to have messed up all the comments following my second one…this should work…

  5. Tried it Marc – got a link to work but not the picture to just show up without hitting the link. Sometime I will have to work on this more till I get it. Can one copy any picture like that?

  6. I believe one can…