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A busy Friday off

Today was my bi-weekly Friday off – from the office.  It was a busier, harder day than I usually put in, or maybe the work was just different and I am not used to it.  Grace and I went to my aunt’s appartment and cleaned the kitchen.  I think we got things pretty ship shape.  She is a collector – of everything!  I hope she doesn’t mind that I threw out stacks of margarine containers and rolls of used and reused plastic bags.  She just won’t need them up at Abbeyfield house. 

Tonight I am tired and a bit stiff and sore.  I guess that might be from the weeding of the garden I did early this morning before beginning the cleaning.  The garden is sorely in need of a gardener’s hand.  The weeds have taken over some things.  I just have not had time to do much in it this year.  I am glad I have lots of perennials otherwise it would really be in bad shape.  With all the rain and now with the bit of sun we are having, the lupins are in full bloom as are the lillies. 

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