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Getting to know them

Every summer, we at the office, experience our own little invasion of Canadian greatness.  We lay claim to a hockey wife – yes a real NHLer’s wife – for the summer.  We’ve done this now for about four years, I guess.  It works great.  She gets a chance to practice dentistry and keep her skills honed, so to speak.  We, Roger and I,  get a chance to take some vacation time without having to close the office or slow down to a crawl. 

So here we are, Roger and I, about the least hockey minded of all people getting to know the family of a guy who actually was on the team that won the Stanley Cup a few years ago.  She really is a fun person to work with.  Very laid back.  And they have the cutest little girl.  This year they are going off to Germany – an NHLer no longer.  He is there.  She joins him in a couple of weeks.

This summer we went all out and had another hockey wife with us part time.  She is a dental assistant.  Today was my last day of working with them since I have tomorrow off.  She heads back down to Indiana soon.

Both have been great to work with.  Very fun people.  They have raised my opinion of hockey players.  Guys that have such great wives must be OK too.  Even if they are hockey players. -:)

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