Licenced to go.

She did it!  All the time spent driving with her, all my “meanness” giving her advice.  Yesterday she got her licence.  She is one happy girl.

Now she can borrow the car. 

Yesterday, I had to call her to get a ride home from work.  And wait. 

Was I saying this was a good thing???? 

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  1. Michael Fox

    Hi Linea it was great to meet you.

    Now you’ll have the joy of having her want to borrow the car all the time. 🙂

    Michael Fox

  2. yeah well I’ve watched my 11 year old deliberately mow down pedestrians in Midnight Club [a street racing game] cause she likes the way they jump.

    Not looking forward to her turning 16.

    – Peace

  3. tell her congrats from me!!