Leighton over at his blog talks about the great time we all had at the lake and in particular the way he connected with Dave and Mike.  He said, It was another experience which I could sit back and say, “yeah, THAT was church””

Then do we have church” that exists within Churches and at the same time extends beyond the walls?  Getting together with good friends, really sharing what is going on at a deep level, listening and caring, discussing scripture and good books that make us think, being together because we want to be and praying together seem to me to be part of what church” is.  But then there is more too
        like being part of the music of worship either as part of a congregation or musician
        like being involved in ministry and missions
        like teaching children (ours and others) about our faith
        even like helping to maintain a space where worship can take place
        or even like being a pastor to people

And then there are those connections between believers that cross all sorts of denominational and cultural lines that are simply great because of the common ties we have to Christ.  That is also church.

The time at the lake was church.  Coming back from the lake to interact with a missionary couple was also church, as was sharing in the service and communion the next day in my own Church.  Jamming last night with the worship team and then sitting and talking for another hour with a friend while the rocking” guys jammed after was also church” 

Do we try and separate out the spiritual” connections from all the rest of our human connections and set those up as church”?  If so isn’t that like being a Christian only at church and being something else the rest of the time.  Or is it just the connections at a deeper level, the powerful life changing times” with fellow Christians the sort of connection we can call church?

Maybe church just comes in such a variety of forms that when we try to define it by what happens or by the form it takes, we will always come up short.  Maybe blogging is sometimes church” too. Can we call church” all the different ways that God connects us to himself and at the same time to other believers (and seekers) around us? 

Just asking.

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  1. Linea:

    I think you have some good questions here. I didn’t intend to define what church is, just that what I experienced was church. So much of what I’ve experienced as church gave me little opportunity to connect with God or other people. So when I have a good experience where

    God and people connect I like to say “now, THAT was church”. 🙂

  2. LT

    Yeah, I do the same thing. I think when I do that it is sort of like saying “God was here” and maybe that is a large part of what makes an event “church” or not. Is this part of our search for a deeper relationship with God? So, when we have these experiences of connection with other believers, we are experiencing what the church is. Our relationship with God is strengthened. We are building each other up in the faith. These are good experiences and we want more of them.

  3. j. smith

    Church?to me , church is church. If church can be anywhre, why then, bother to have a building? Why bother to have a church service on Sunday? As far as I can see, this is just a cop-out for some people. j.smith

  4. j. smith

    I don’t think that asking such questions is a cop out at all. Not thinking about it and just going to a church building Sunday after Sunday to me would be as much of a cop out as deciding not to worship in a “church” building because it is too much trouble to go there or get along with the other folks who attend there.

    Why have a church building? Well it is a convenient place to meet; it is also a recognizable place so that if a person is looking for a place to worship, it is there. But except for when God is there meeting with his people, there is nothing so special about the building, is there? And I say this in spite of finding the place where I worship with others – my church – a place that to me is sacred even when I am there alone talking to God in it’s space. But that is because I have talked to God there and he has been there with me and my friends, not because there is something sacred about the building. I find much the same kind of communion with God out in a quiet place in nature and sometimes while sharing deeply with a friend in a restaurant over a cup of coffee.

    I think what Leighton (and I ) is talking about as being “church” has little to do with a building or place and everything to do with relationships between God and his followers.