Driving lesson?

My evening last night involved another driving lesson.  Test is coming up on Tuesday. 

It appears that I am not a very fun person to be with on such an outing.  I am not sure how I said whatever it was that I said but I guess my instructions for parking were not given in the right tone of voice.  I didn’t know that telling a certain person that the angle she was backing up at was too sharp was being mean.  I thought I was just giving her information.  The angle was too sharp and she hit the curb long before she could get behind the car in front. 

But I think the driver instructor is probably much nicer.  After all it is not her car.

After that episode, I had to finish off my talk (I won’t dignify it with the word “sermon”) which I am giving on Sunday – about my trip to the Congo. 

I have much sympathy with those of you pastors out there that live with teenagers and must prepare to impart the word of God to us in the congregation after a session of misunderstanding with a teenaged child.

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  1. I wonder how different it is from trying to really absorb a sermon after a session of misunderstanding? Anyway, we may have a chance to compare notes soon. I’m up to preach in late October – the first time in about 12 years.

  2. Toni,

    I think it probably interferes with absorbing what God is speaking to us too, but on the other hand it could make us more receptive. It can be more passive than actually having to share with a congregation – so if my state of mind interferes with my hearing God it will affect me, and that is not a good thing, but at least I do not have to try to pass on to others some wisdom from God in that kind of state.

    It did, however, make me stop and consider how I was perceived by my daughter and make me realize that sometimes the entirely wrong message can be communicated by tone of voice and body language – and I am not guiltless.