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Driving lesson?

My evening last night involved another driving lesson.  Test is coming up on Tuesday. 

It appears that I am not a very fun person to be with on such an outing.  I am not sure how I said whatever it was that I said but I guess my instructions for parking were not given in the right tone of voice.  I didn’t know that telling a certain person that the angle she was backing up at was too sharp was being mean.  I thought I was just giving her information.  The angle was too sharp and she hit the curb long before she could get behind the car in front. 

But I think the driver instructor is probably much nicer.  After all it is not her car.

After that episode, I had to finish off my talk (I won’t dignify it with the word “sermon”) which I am giving on Sunday – about my trip to the Congo. 

I have much sympathy with those of you pastors out there that live with teenagers and must prepare to impart the word of God to us in the congregation after a session of misunderstanding with a teenaged child.

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