Foggy sight


I just got off the phone with my daughter.  She is going to be a junior counsellor at our church camp out south of Edmonton in Alberta.  For us the camp is about a seven hour drive away.  I am speaking at church on Sunday and work till four tomorrow.  She has to be at the camp by 4:30 on Saturday.  I like driving but was really hoping to send her on the bus.  The only problem with the bus is getting from the bus out to the lake where the camp is.  So I have been working on connecting up with someone in Edmonton but – you know how reluctant teenagers can be to meet up with someone they don’t “know”.  Today I made connections with the pastor of our church in Edmonton and, voila, all was arranged in no time. 


Then my mind snapped into recognition mode.  How like the old Israelites I am.  I often think they must have been so dense.  God would do some wonderful deed for them and then they would turn right around, before the paint was even dry, so to speak, and forget he ever existed. 


Well, here I am, just back from an incredible trip to the Congo where God was so obviously in charge, and I am getting all bent out of shape about getting my daughter to camp.  Duh!   I’d better be careful how I talk about the folks back in the Old Testament times.  It’s a bit like looking in a mirror some days!  Actually most days the mirror is so foggy I don’t even recognise where I lack trust.


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  1. Toni

    Now it rings true:

    Welcome home.

    Good to have you back, Linea.