Chitek Lake

This was my first time up to Chitek Lake. A fairly typical northern lake resort town. The pace of life is always a bit different there even though there are lots of people around – especially on a long weekend.

Randall  comments on the quiet and peacefulness of the surroundings while he was there. I guess the thing I enjoyed the most was the good conversation. Leighton, Dave and Mike are fun guys to talk to. I also got to meet Becky and Alberto the first day I was there.

I enjoyed talking to Becky about her Masters paper topic on Revolve, the “Bible” for girls. I guess I pretty much agreed with her concerns about the slant the magazine is giving to issues about young women. She has other issues with it as well but she maybe will tell us all about that one day as her paper gets done.

I will post some pictures up in the gallery soon. The weather was very cooperative. I even got enough sun to turn a bit red.

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  1. We had a great time meeting you as well.

    – Peace