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In the last few days two people have suggested I withhold something starting with S from a certain grumpy old man who lives in this house.

The first one to suggest it – well that will remain a secret!

Today I came home from worship practice to find this grumpy person having a strong disagreement with my youngest daughter.  You see, my grump is a TVaholic.  When he came home she was watching a movie on “his” TV — with some friends.  She couldn’t get her DVD player to run the disc.  He seemed to think she was deliberately sabotaging his evening. 

I had to agree with her assessment.  He was just being a grouch.  So two rights make a right – right?

So then she pronounces, “You should just withhold “S” from him for a month.”  This is the teenaged girl that freaks out and tells us to get a room if we exchange a kiss in the kitchen. 

I am beginning to wonder what on earth people are thinking about me! 

Good nite.  I’m off to visit the grump.

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Praying for the Sudan today.  And for my boy, Patrick as he crosses his last border into the Congo and travels on a long trip by truck to get to his home in Gemena. 

Africa – a continent of such potential and such sadness.  Your people who hope in God still hope.

Psalm 10: 17-18 NLT
Lord you know the hopes of the helpless.
Surely you will listen to their cries and comfort them.
You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed,
So people can no longer terrify them.

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Oh Africa!

Jordon posting at Resonate linked to an article by Joan Chittister via One House on the plight of the people of the Sudan.

I sit and listen to the news about the situation there too and wish there was something I could do.  It is not about Aid money really.  I seems as if there should be some political solution but I have very little faith in politics to solve anything.  Political solutions seem to have the best interests of the politicians at heart.  Even aid money often seems to have the best interests of the giver at heart.

So what is there that a small Christian in a huge world full of problems like this can do about anything?  It somehow sounds so trite to say that I will pray about the problem.  But then I remember how people prayed and the wall came down in East Germany.  Maybe the evil one likes to overwhelm us with the problems to keep us feeling helpless and useless and doing nothing.  So we tend to shut out the problem and go on with our comfortable North American lives.

Oh Africa!
What can we do,
We, the powerless ones
Who love you?

So, for myself, I will pray.  I know I will feel like that is not much.  Frankly – sorry God – I would like to see God do something spectacular so that I knew my prayers were being answered.  But I know God will be there no matter what I see.  So One House – I too will make Monday a special day to pray for the Sudan and other parts of Africa that I love

I will continue to do the little that is within my ability to do, supporting the work I know about in Africa that is good for the people.  Work that supports the building up of God’s church there and that will help to develop the minds and talents of the people that live on that great continent.  The changes that are going to make a lasting difference must come from the hearts and minds of the people that live there. 

And because I write when I am passionate or disturbed about things I wrote this:

We Turn Off The TV

Oh Africa!
We turn off the TV
Our third daily meal grows cold.
We sat watching the news
But are hardened to
Your images of death;
Your children of the sunken eyes,
Swollen bellies and lopped off limbs.
What can we do?

You say, “We are tired
Of the lies of the politicians.
They swear to change our world,
One hand raised in oath,
The other already groping
Through the pockets of the givers.
They turn and steal
Our birthrights.”

You ask, “Can’t you,
Rich with power,
Hold our leaders accountable,
Honour the incorruptible,
Protect our innocents
Feed them on truth to
Grow them out of the death
They were born to?”

Oh Africa!
We turn off the TV.
We repeat “What can we do?”
Your answers go unheard
And we have none.
Steadily, your rich color
Stains the red soil of your land.
And we turn off the TV.
Can you forgive us?


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The Friday Revue

The last couple of days have been busy.  On Friday there were goodbyes said to Patrick as he left us for four months to visit his family in the Congo.  I took him and the four cases he is taking to the airport in Saskatoon and we got there a bit overwhelmed by the crowd.  They weren’t there to see us though, just Theresa, the Canadain idol wanna be.  She had lots of fans. 

All the hullabaloo down at the arrivals area left the rest of the waiting area pretty quiet.  Gave me time to send him off with prayer.  Also gave him time to visit with a friend – Omira -a very tall and slender girl from Nigeria. She is also a francophone so that is how they met and struck up a friendship. 

Then off to see the new house my son and his wife are moving into this weekend.  Cute place – neighborhood is a bit seedy but they have a good tall fence.  It will be nice for them and their animals.  Beautiful hardwood floors.  And affordable.  Housing costs are higher in Saskatoon than here.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a screw in my back tire.  Someone honked at me and pointed this out and I was able to let my son do the manly thing and change it for me.  Honestly don’t think I’ve had to change a tire since he was about 5.  For some things a man is indispensable.  Well OK I could do it if I had to!

Then lunch with my daughter.  We went to one of our favorite places – The Pacific Gallery – for a quick lunch before she had to get to work and I had to hit the road for PA.  Got back just in time to have coffee with Randall.  Back to our Friday coffee chats.  I needed that.  Fall routines are starting up again and some routines are good.  

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Wishing for more time

Busy day at work.  The day goes fast when all the patients come and there is no time to sit around and think about the time. 

Patrick came by and borrowed the car to do some last minute things.  He leaves tomorrow and I am driving down to Saskatoon to send him off.  He will of course be leaving with several additional bags.  The one I am sending is packed with repair parts for the dental units, replacement bulbs, etc.  The guys out in the Congo need more stuff but my pocketbook only goes so far.  I hope the really necessary things are here in the case I’m sending. 

The month since I returned from the Congo seems to have gone so fast.  There is still much to tell about the trip and I don’t seem to have time to just sit down and write it out.  I haven’t even gotten all the pictures I wanted to up in the galleries. 

Maybe it is a good thing Christian will not be leaving for a while yet – another opportunity to send things out with him for the dental office and send some stuff out to my friends there too.  IU was hoping to get some pictures ready to send and that just hasn’t happened.  I need more hours in my days.

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The Main Point

I wandered around a bit on the web tonight, linking to some people who are linked to people whose blogs I read fairly regularly.  I usually end up enjoying these connections.  Tonight I ran across one that I will visit and revisit:  The Main Point by Michael Main. 

He says he is an inconsequential sage.  I disagree.  I think he has a lot to say that is quite consequential.  If you feel like reading some wise words, I would suggest a visit.

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Moving Stress

I think we are all getting a little stressed out over the move of my aunt coming up soon.  We have to move her on Sept 1.  My son and wife are also moving that week.  Then there is the fact that all of us seem to be extra busy at work right now.  The week of the move, I will be on call.  And school starts and my brother is a teacher. 

Anyways, I guess we are all tired and need to move to be done.  Then there will be the garage sale a couple of weeks later.  And all the pricing and stuff that goes with that. 

Anyone want to buy some really lovely teacups?  Figurines or other trinkets?  Or how about the piano – yeah especailly the piano – then we wouldn’t have to find a place to store it till it is sold.  Or move it. 

More big news – Resonate has launched.  Should be interesting.  So I read over at Randall’s blog that everyone is getting together at 7 pm on Sept. 1 at the Resonate Lounge to watch a duck ?? and to maybe see Jordon do a little dance???  And what will I be doing?  Moving boxes probably.  Feeling sorry that I can’t be there.  Am I jealous?  Maybe just a little teeny weeny bit!

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